New Kris style from Hair World

The Hair World Collection have launched another new wig style called Kris. This wig shown in colour Rich Coffee Bean, has a Monofilament top covered with an additional layer of ultra-fine silk monofilament for unbelievable softness and a one inch (approx) lace front for an invisible hairline. Added features are tape patches on ear tabs, soft velvet neckline with comfortable flat velcro adjusters and a machine made/wefted back. These elements all add to creating this short classic style which we know will benefit all women with smaller than average head size.

Hair World have been producing wigs for many years and their products are becoming increasingly popular with women of all ages who rely upon their wig range for their chosen style. We are sure that this style will prove to be as popular as others in the range and make a difference to the lives of the women who will wear this style.

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New Rene of Paris Amore styles

Rene of Paris have launched three new monofilament wig styles called Kendal, Laurel and Victoria which we are sure will be popular with those who wear them. The Kendal and Victoria styles were previously discontinued by Rene of Paris and these two styles have been brought back into their range again so those clients who have previously worn those styles can now buy again with confidence knowing that these styles are back in stock.

The new style Laurel (shown in colour Maple Sugar), has beautiful shoulder length curls and a swept fringe area, making this style a really gorgeous eye catcher. The monofilament top adds realism to this wig and offers many styling options.

There is also a new top piece which has been added. This is the short mono hand tied top piece and comes in a carefully selected colour range. The description alone describes this piece as it has a monofilament top and the hair fibers are hand tied onto the base. Why not take a look at these styles today.

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New Natural Image styles for 2014

Natural Image have launched a new collection of wigs and this year they have produced some new styles that not only look good, but also feel good as well. We just know that these styles will b clear favourites with all who wear them. Many styles come in the darker brown to black colours and these are very suitable for coloured women. All these styles come in varying lengths from the shorter bob styles to the below the shoulder length styles with standard caps or monofilament caps, some with lace fronts and others hand tied, so there is something here for everyone from the younger wig wearers to the more mature wig wearers.

The Nova wig (pictured and priced at £110.00 and shown in colour Harvest Gold)  is gorgeously long, with lots of movement through the ends and face framing layers, Nova is a beautiful style, suitable for all age-groups and face shapes. This wig features a Comfort Cap Base that provides a breathable fit.

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Beware of Fake Wig Web Sites

There are an increasing number of fake wig web sites currently on line and the authorities seem helpless to sort this issue out. All these sites originate in China. The latest (ukcheapwigs dot com) is yet another site actively targeting vulnerable UK customers to extract money fraudulently and supply a cheap shit inferior product.

With the credit crunch still biting hard and the cost of living still rising every single pound we spend has to count. Wigs are not cheap products and with long term wig wearers having to budget more and more many people find it hard to replace their wigs as often as they would like to.

Don’t be tempted by the offer of a cheap wig, as there is no such thing. If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is!!

If you know somebody who wears a wig then please warn them to be on their guard and shop from trusted UK retails (there are many including Wigtopia) who will provide a genuine quality product to you.

Here at Wigtopia we feel that this increase in fake sites is harming the business of reputable UK wig retailers and tarnishing the image of the industry.

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New Wig styles from Dimples


The Dimples wig Collection has proved popular with women for over forty years and all their styles are always up to date, fashionable and trendy. Their attention to detail and overall wig quality is one of the highest in the industry and all their new products are always welcome additions to their range. Their new styles of  Melody (shown left in colour honey & cream rooted), Gabrielle, Alexis, Jaclyn, Jessica and Marina we know will all prove popular with customers.

The Jaclyn wig has a lace front and a monfilament top and with the swept fringe and long layers will look gorgeous on the younger wig wearer. The Marina style is the same but with the hand tied base and human hair fibres, this wig is sure to make a difference to any long term wig wearer because of the greater styling options that this style gives. We know that not everyone likes long flowing hair especially the more mature ladies, so their Jessica style is short and manageable and comes in a selection of grey colours.

As with all new ranges, dimples have taken the opportunity to review the number of colours that are available for each style discontinuing many existing colours. However at the same time they have introduced some new colours to make their colour range more appealing and competitive with other wig manufacturers.

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New Revlon 2014 Collection


Revlon have launched their new catalogue for 2014 and it’s very different from previous ones. They have not only reduced the array of colours available for each individual wig style, but have changed their system from using the numbers to using their associated names. This means that colour 18/26R is now called Cocoa Mist, so all customers should check their existing wig colour to ensure that they know what colour to reorder to ensure they get the same one again.

As well as the colours change they have rebranded their entire range and changed all the names of all their existing styles to reflect the new image of the Revlon brand. The Scorpio wig is the only style that has escaped being renamed, and as to why this is still unclear, so all customers need to check the new name of their chosen style to ensure that they order the right style again. To compliment all these new changes, Revlon have re-photographed all their styles to show them in their best possible way, so all customers can get to see what can be achieved from each style if the wig is styled.

With all these changes they have also brought in some new styles, and these compliment their existing styles bringing this range up to date and in line with many other leading brands offering the customer even more choice in their chosen wig style. Revlon have certainly looked to the future with this range change and this wig collection now sits even better when comparing Revlon wig styles to similar styles from other leading brands available today

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The Joan Collins Dynasty Wigs Collection


Joan has spent a lifetime in beauty & fashion and is well known for using wigs to help her look even more fabulous. Joan believes that every woman should easily be able to choose her own style, to define her own image and has created this wig collection to help you do exactly the same. Say goodbye to those bad hair days! How you can be gorgeous morning noon and night with this new fabulous collection! Joan (pictured top) wearing the style: Joan by Design.

The Dynasty Collection has been a collaboration with Joan and her team of expert stylists and colourists. Joan has ensured that each and every look is designed to exude star quality. The result, well take a look for yourself. A cast of stunning silhouettes in rich, exclusive colours that allow you to re-create yourself again and again. Windswept waves, face framing fringes and captivating curls.

These wigs come in an array of styles, many of which are wavy, curly styles and are reminiscent of those fashionable eighties styles although revamped and modernised for today’s fashion conscious woman. With prices starting from £95 and rising to £325 for the synthetic fibre wigs there are wigs to suit all price brackets. Amongst the twenty three wigs, which comprise this collection are some amazing shorter styles, all competitively priced and styled to rival many similar styles from other more established collections currently available on the market.

There is surprisingly only one human hair wig (called Gibson Girl – shown left) of shoulder length priced at £995. All the style come in a range of brand new modern colours which will definitely please those women looking for something different in a wig colour.

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Now Collection of Wigs From Luxhair


We have also added another new range of fashionable wigs for coloured women with the introduction of the Now Collection from Luxhair. This wigs are making a name for themselves in the U.S.A, and now they are available over here. With this range there are many differing styles from amazing short styles to flattering curly styles, some in classic  styles for all coloured women. Wigtopia now has one of the largest collections of wigs for colored women in the UK.

 Although these wigs have a celebrity endorser in the form of Sherri Shepherd, she isn’t too well known in this country but followers of fashion for coloured women may well know of her.

Image shows the Soft Curls style in colour FS4/27 – Medium Dark Brown & Light Auburn

Welcome to LUXHAIR™: Hollywood’s “best kept beauty secret.” Luxhair specialize in high-fashion wigs, add-ons and top-head™ extensions made for coloured women of all ages, ethnicities and style preferences. They’re like putting on your most stylish shoes and more powerful than a red lipstick. These fashionable and transformational wigs and extensions look, and feel, like the hair you always dreamed of!

Endorsed by Hollywood celebrity Sherri Shepherd™ : “Girlfriend to girlfriend, my NOW collection acknowledges the power of hair in a woman’s life. With all the new hairstyles in my collection, NOW you have more choices than ever before. You were born with the hair you’ve got. Now get the hair you want in no time at all – NOW!”

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Especially Yours wigs


The Especially Yours Collection has an array of new styles, all of which are suitable for Afro-Carribbean and African-American women only. This is a new collection of high quality, fashion wig styles, made especially for Afro-Carribbean and African-American women and imported directly from the U.S.A.

This new range of Afro-Carribbean and African-American wigs includes high quality styles, including easy-wear synthetic wig styles and a number of beautifully blended human hair and ‘Futura’ heat-resistant synthetic fibre styles. Many of these wigs have special features such as lightweight, hand-tied caps, lace fronts, 2 in 1 wet-look feature and ‘Yaki’ texture. Prices start from £45 and the wig shown (Style: Winifred) is shown in colour FS30247.

Yaki Texture: This is a process which adds a micro kink to the hair strands to mimic Africa-American textured hair.

Note: These wigs are therefore only suitable for black Afro-Carribbean and African-American women and not white Caucasian women!

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Avant Garde Collection of Human Hair Wigs

Ellen Wille wigs have a new Avant Garde collection of seven human hair wigs in an array of styles and colours.

All these wigs come unstyled and are also made of Remy Hair. These wigs we are sure will be a welcome addition to are already increasing selection of human hair wigs currently available on our web site.

Monet: A short, sporty style, full of expression and easily manageable. This wig is 100%Remy Hair with a hand tied, monofilament top and lace fronted cap.

Cezanne: A cool and attractive layered bob style. This wig is 100% Remy Hair with a hand tied, monofilament top and lace fronted cap.

Bellini: (Shown in image) A Gorgeous long length style with many styling options. This wig is 100% Remy Hair with a hand tied, monofilament top and lace fronted cap.

Picasso: A classic shoulder length bob. This wig is 100% Remy Hair with a hand tied, monofilament top and lace fronted cap.

Matisse: A short style with many styling options. Very Fashionable for wearers of all ages! This wig is 100% Remy Hair with a hand tied, monofilament top and lace fronted cap.

Chagall: An elegant chin length bob. This wig is 100% Remy Hair with a hand tied, monofilament top and lace fronted cap.

Botticelli: Long gentle waves with this long, natural style. This wig is 100% Remy Hair with a hand tied, monofilament top and lace fronted cap.

Remy Hair: This is hair that still possesses the cuticle layer, which is the outermost part of the hair strand. All Remy hair has the cuticle layer of the hair flowing in the same direction, flowing the way it would naturally if the hair was growing out of your head. The cuticle layer is important when concerned with hair tangling, the long life of the hair when used in a wig or hairpiece, and how well the hair shines and reflects light.

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