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Elizabeth Taylor’s Wig sells for $16,000 at auction: The iconic wig Elizabeth
Taylor wore in classic film Cleopatra has fetched $16,000 (£10,300) at an auction. Only three of these wigs were made for the actress, who died in March 2011, to play the young queen of Egypt in the 1963 movie. The wig, made of dark brown human hair and featuring gold coils, beads and braids, was expected to sell for $11,000 but bids soared to $16,000. “Cleopatra was filmed in Italy and Stanley Hall, who was a wigmaker to the stars, made all the wigs for it. Elizabeth Taylor’s character had tens of different hairstyles in the film and
there were three wigs for each style.”

Hair donations for charity: The ‘Locks of Love’ charity in the United states is growing in popularity due to the number of people who are donating their hair, so that it can be made into wigs to help others. In San Clemente Chelsea Howells’ ponytails sit on the counter after 39 was cut off. Chelsea now aged 20 was diagnosed with Rett syndrome at age 2, and just wanted to help others. Chelsea’s gift for growing hair quickly is a by-product of medications she takes for seizures, her mother said. Chelsea gets her hair clipped about every two years to donate to children with cancer. It’s “taking a negative and turning it into a positive,” as her mother puts it. This is her sixth hair-giving. She began
at age 10. In Harrogate Ellie Dormer, aged 12, cut off well over a foot of her light-brown locks and managed to raise more than £500 for the Little Princess Trust, an Organisation which provides real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer or alopecia. Well done to you both.

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