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No matter what wig you purchase taking care of that wig is very important, as this prolongs the life of the wig ensuring that you as the wearer get the most from your chosen style. Whether you have a synthetic fibre wig or a human hair wig using the correct set of hair care products is essential to maintain a natural appearance.

As an alternative to wearing a wig, why not look at some alternative head wear. Both fashionable and trendy we ave a range of scarves, hats and turbans to make everyone look good and all are suitable out doors and home life.

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  1. Anna Hat with Caramel wrap

    Anna Hat

    Regular Price: £12.95

    Special Price: £8.95

    The Anna hat simply oozes style and more importantly has total head coverage. The soft pleated top gives a very chic look providing both minimal fuss and maximum impact, this hat can be worn just as it is or teamed up with one of our many wraps which come in an array of colours and are both easily and quickly fastened with velcro. This elegant hat is ideal for that special occasion, it is both soft and comfortable to wear and one size fits most head shapes.

    This hat is perfect for women with hair loss due to undergoing chemotherapy and Alopecia, they provide comfortable and fashionable alternatives when not wearing a wig and give total coverage of the head

    Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester (varies with design)

    All Maxi scarves and wraps are sold sepeately

    Patterns & Colours may vary slightly to those illustrated

    The coloured wraps shown here are sold seperately.

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  2. Black stylng brush

    Black Styling Brush


    The wig styling brush with rubber tipped metal prongs.

    Approx. 21 cm in length. Ideal for styling those curly wigs.

    Available in colour black only Learn More
  3. Head with wigliner

    Christine Collection Wigliner


    Christine Collection Wigliner

    The Christine wig cap is a quite uniquel product made of bamboo/viscose. It is a small hat that can be worn completely hidden under a wig with the added feature that it cools the skin when it's warm and keeps the head warm when it's cold outside. It also has a perfect fit.

    The wig cap feels soft and silky to wear. It can also be used to advantage under the scarves for further volume and protection.

    Material: Bamboo/viscose

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  4. Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband

    Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband


    Get a grip on your wig with the world’s most unique concept therapeutic headband. Provides peace of mind by making your wig more comfortable and preventing it from slipping.

    Comfy Grip’s unique soft and grippy pebbled texture makes your wig a joy to wear! Filled with a therapeutic gel, the Comfy Grip evenly distributes the weight of your wig keeping it from slipping and prevents pressure spots. Relieves headaches caused from uncomfortable wigs or extended wear. Perfect for sensitive scalps. Dissipates body heat. Does not absorb sweat or body fluids and can easily be wiped clean. Will not leak if punctured. Light weight and durable, Comfy Grip will last for ages. Can be worn on heads with or without hair. The Velcro® adjustment fits 18.5" to 24" circumference.

    Wearing Instructions:

    •If you have hair, the massage-like pebble side is worn on your hair. This will keep the band from slipping.

    •If your scalp is free of hair, the smooth side is worn next to the scalp. The pebbled side then grips your wig better.

    •Simply wrap your Comfy Grip Deluxe around your hair line. Never wear it tight. The wonderful material, skin-like in texture, will stick to your scalp like an adhesive without being sticky. •Velcro® on the side of your head (not tight).

    •Be sure your ears are free from the Comfy Grip Deluxe.

    •If needed, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

    •Finally wig comfort and peace of mind is delivered to you in one easy to use product!

    Please be sure your head is at least 18.5" as it will not fit you otherwise.

    For Hygiene reasons this item is NON - RETURNABLE. 

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  5. Dimples Wig Gel Spray

    Dimples Wig Gel Spray


    The superior hold of Dimples Gel Spray gives complete control without fuss. Revitalises the hair with proteins and Vitamins while adding volume, body, shine whether setting, scrunching or spiking. The perfect styling tool.

    Each bottle of wig Dimples fibre oil conditioner comes with full directions on the back of each bottle and is supplied in either a white or black bottle.

    200ml size

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  6. Colour Shown: Plum Red on Blonde

    Flash Hi Lights


    Flash Hi Lights: Coloured, human hair clip in hair extensions

    Each pack contains four pieces which are 1" (2.5cm) wide and 18" (45.7cm) long and attach with a snappy comb.

    Available in colours: Royal Blue, Pearl White, Bright Red, Plum Red, Deep Purple, Soft Pink

    Images show the coloured extensions in an all the colours on hair and also shows the snappy comb fastening.

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  7. Two piece black stand

    Gisela Mayer Black Wig Stand


    Sturdy plastic wig stand in black as shown.

    Size: 30cm (12 Inches) in height.

    This stand is ideal for travelling and is more robust than a standard wig stand

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  8. Large wig brush

    Gisela Mayer Large Wig Brush


    Sturdy Anti-static wig brush in black and only 21cm (8.25 Inches) in length.

    Also available in a small, travel size!

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  9. Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb

    Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb


    The Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb is ideal for travelling or to have at home

    It is a must have wide tooth comb - so easy to hold and use

    Just comb to detangle your wig and prevent hair from falling out - leaving it looking great and gentle on those synthetic fibres

    Have a couple - so always on hand - at home and in your handbag!

    Size 9cm by 8cm



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  10. Jon Renau individual wig cap.

    Jon Renau Wig Cap - Black


    Wig cap is made by Jon Renau

    A wig cap Improves wig comfort, helps prevent wig security, retains loose hair and stops perspiration and scalp oil being transferred to the wig.

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