Beware of Fake Wig Web Sites

There are an increasing number of fake wig web sites currently on line and the authorities seem helpless to sort this issue out. All these sites originate in China. The latest (ukcheapwigs dot com) is yet another site actively targeting vulnerable UK customers to extract money fraudulently and supply a cheap shit inferior product.

With the credit crunch still biting hard and the cost of living still rising every single pound we spend has to count. Wigs are not cheap products and with long term wig wearers having to budget more and more many people find it hard to replace their wigs as often as they would like to.

Don’t be tempted by the offer of a cheap wig, as there is no such thing. If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is!!

If you know somebody who wears a wig then please warn them to be on their guard and shop from trusted UK retails (there are many including Wigtopia) who will provide a genuine quality product to you.

Here at Wigtopia we feel that this increase in fake sites is harming the business of reputable UK wig retailers and tarnishing the image of the industry.

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