New styles from Sentoo Premium Plus

New styles from Sentoo Premium Plus

Sentoo have launched four new Premium Plus styles. These are styles 105, 205, 305 and 502A (shown in colour 236). As with all the Premium Plus styles these are Flexi fibre, heat resistant, hand tied styles with a monofilament tops. All ages ranges and tastes are catered for with these styles from the short classic style (305) to a short manageable style (205), a medium length fashionable style (105) to the long glamorous style (502A).

With these new styles come three new colours to the range. These are 168T (marble brown), 18/23 (light warm brown with highlights), and 50/88T (dark gold blonde with highlights). These new colours offer a welcome colour variant to the existing Sentoo range and are both in step with today’s modern hair colour fashion trends.

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