New styles from Sentoo wigs

Sentoo Tawa wig

Sentoo have two new styles. These are the Emi and Towa, which will compliment their existing styles.

Sentoo wig Tawa (Shown top in colour 757G)  is a short stunning style with flicked edges and a tapered neck and Emi (Shown bottom in colour 770)  is a classic style with tousled layers through the top and curls at the back.

Both styles are a petite fit and have monofilament tops and are sure to prove popular with all who wear these styles.

Sentoo Emi

Their existing styles have also be revamped slightly with the phasing out some of the less popular colours. This will also mean that some customers colour choice may no longer be available, but we would hope that other similar colours will be.

With all the changes that Sentoo have recently made to their range, their selection of wigs are still one of the most popular ranges on the market today for women who need trendy, fashionable wigs in a petite fit.

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