New Wig styles from Dimples


The Dimples wig Collection has proved popular with women for over forty years and all their styles are always up to date, fashionable and trendy. Their attention to detail and overall wig quality is one of the highest in the industry and all their new products are always welcome additions to their range. Their new styles of  Melody (shown left in colour honey & cream rooted), Gabrielle, Alexis, Jaclyn, Jessica and Marina we know will all prove popular with customers.

The Jaclyn wig has a lace front and a monfilament top and with the swept fringe and long layers will look gorgeous on the younger wig wearer. The Marina style is the same but with the hand tied base and human hair fibres, this wig is sure to make a difference to any long term wig wearer because of the greater styling options that this style gives. We know that not everyone likes long flowing hair especially the more mature ladies, so their Jessica style is short and manageable and comes in a selection of grey colours.

As with all new ranges, dimples have taken the opportunity to review the number of colours that are available for each style discontinuing many existing colours. However at the same time they have introduced some new colours to make their colour range more appealing and competitive with other wig manufacturers.

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