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Everybody has looked in the mirror and not liked what they see. Whether its wrinkles around the eyes, un-plucked eyebrows or three-inch roots showing from your last hair dye. Vanity is something we are all guilty of on some level, most people who don’t like the way their hair falls around their face may act as if they don’t care how it looks, somewhere inside they do. In a world where every supermarket, every high street and endless cyber space is taken up by beauty products and accessories, it is impossible to not have noticed that the world wants to look beautiful. A popular outlet for changing how you look is with the use of wigs. There are endless reasons as to why you may decide to purchase wigs, maybe it is for medical reasons, for fashion, or a fancy dress party where you’re desperate to look like your favourite female fashion icon. Perhaps it is for transgender reasons, or perhaps it is simply because you thought it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Whatever the reason, hair is a feature we have and yet often take for granted and don’t always maintain as well as we should. Wigtopia has been established for just over eight years, and has gone from strength to strength. From wigs in graceful greys to glamorous gold’s, rich and ravishing reds to charming chestnuts and every tone in between – with over 500 wig styles available you are sure to find a wig to suit your face shape and colourings at Wigtopia. They offer a friendly and informative service and will help you find exactly what you are looking for. If the wig you would like isn’t carried in the extensive online collection, then they will try and order it for you with a view to adding that style to those styles already online. If you are registered with Alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy you could be eligible to purchase wigs without paying VAT and save 20% on the advertised purchase prices. This only applies to UK residents purchasing wigs and excludes wig accessories.

A VAT Exemption form is available to download from the web site or you can request one by telephone on 01206 570976. The web site is laid out so that it is incredibly easy to locate what you are looking for, or so you can simply browse without being confused about what you are looking at. You can search by colour, length, manufacturer, style, make, any number of variants so you get what you want and get it without any fuss. If you have any questions they are happy to take your call and help you with any queries or doubts and there are a number of ways they can help. As mentioned before they will order specifically for your request and also lend out colour swatches if you are pondering which colour wig would suit you best. Alice Goss, who owns the company, prides herself on offering the very best level of service to all customers. Four very popular makes are Rene of Paris wigs, Noriko wigs, Revlon wigs and Raquel Welch wigs, which are available in an array of styles and colours. Alice adds: “We really do have wigs to suit everybody and unlike the stiff wigs of yesteryear, our selection includes wigs made from real hair that have flowing movement and are extremely realistic. Comfort is an important factor to us and we have had some customers comment that they can’t even tell they are wearing a wig.” There is also a huge range of wig accessories and hair products available including Jessica Simpson hair pieces and ponytails, and all the relevant accessories that you would expect to see online. Alice appreciates and understands the different needs and reasons for people wanting to purchase  wigs.

A lot of her customers have Alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy, She also sells to people who are in the business of impersonating artists and performers so need to get their looks also. She sells to people who just want to buy a wig for fun, people going to parties, especially at Christmas. She also has drag queens as customers, as well requests from people who need wigs for shows and theatre productions. There is a choice of human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs, with human hair wigs obviously adding that extra touch of realism to your new look. The web site is complete with an extensive wig care section and both varieties have their individual care needs and everything is explained to make sure you get optimum use from your wig and take care of it accordingly. Alice has received a lot of positive feedback for Wigtopia, and the testimonials on the web site are a credit to her and the service she provides. None of the items she sells are at retail prices, her prices are competitive and you will be investing in something that will be of the highest quality and perfect for your requirements.

Everybody hears that things are cheaper online, we live in a world where people do all of their shopping with the click of a button. Sometimes cheaper can mean poorer, this is not the case with Wigtopia, everything you pay for is of the highest quality and standard and you will not regret your choice to buy. You’ll find the best advice and service available to you and once you’ve bought one you’re sure to go back for more. Indeed a lot of the business for Wigtopia is repeat business and customers do go back to replace their wigs several times a year. The word of mouth reputation that Wigtopia is continuously building upon over the years goes to show that it is the best service you will find for your wig and beauty accessory needs. So call Alice today and tell her what you need, if she doesn’t have it she’ll know how to find it.

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