Human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, fashion wigs

Are you unsure about which wig to order?

If so follow the guide set out below and hopefully this will help. You can contact us at any time for advice if need be.

1: Firstly have a look at our head measuring guide to find out if you need a petite fit (those with smaller than average head sizes) or a standard fit size wig

Human Hair wigs or Synthetic fiber wigs:

2: Now we need to look at either a human hair wig or a synthetic fiber wig. The human air wigs all come unstyled, so they would need to be taken to an approved salon who is familiar with cutting and styling of wigs. This way the wig is cut to your requirements and cut to suit you as the wearer. When buying human hair wigs it's simply a question of choosing one at the appropriate length and the correct colour. Many people opt for a synthetic fiber wig, which come pre-styled and is ready for use. However some people do prefer to have their wigs trimmed slightly to ensure they look and feel better. Any of the shorter and classic styles may not need any trimming or added styling but this would depend upon the wearer.

Choosing your style:

3: Now we need to look at styles. If you are choosing a wig for the first time, have a look at the wig styles which closely resemble your own hair style. Click on 'wigs' located on the left of the purple bar at the top of this page. This will take you to all the synthetic fiber wigs which are available. On the left you will able to search by brand, colour and sub type to find the correct range of styles more easily. Scroll down until you come to 'sub type' and click on: for example 'classic look' and up will come all the available styles. Your serch can be refined by using the other seach options, giving a more accurate search results.

Choosing your colour:

4: Matching up colours is also quite easy. If you are unsure about which colour to order, we can assist you further. There are several options here.

a) You can ask to borrow a colour ring for your chosen style as many people prefer to borrow one before ordering. These rings have all the actual colour hair strands on them for that particular range.

b) Send in a snip of your own hair for us to closely match the colour to. This we have done for many clients in the past. If there isn't a colour which best matches the sample for the style you require we can suggest an alternative style with a better match colour. For many people colour can be more important than style.

Ordering Options:

5: Ordering is also very easy and this can either be done online through this web site paying by debit card, credit card or Paypal or by post. Simply print off the printable order form enclosing all relevant details and we'll do the rest.

If you have Alopecia or unfortunately undergoing Chemotherapy, then you are entitled to the V.A.T relief on the wig that you purchase and there is a V.A.T relief form which will need to be printed off and sent in to us.