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Transgender Information

We hope that the information in these pages has been beneficial to you, and if you have any questions or require any further advice, then please e-mail us and we will be more that happy to assist you.

We hope that our main wigs Blogging Page will keep you informed of all the new wig styles and ranges that we do, along with all the latest news on the wig brands which we represent.

We have many wigs in the Discontinued section  with several priced below £50 if you are on a budget. New wigs styles are always coming on the market and manufacturers phase out many styles in favour of more modern and trendy styles to replace them. Also have a look at the final section 'buying from Wigtopia' in our buying wigs section. Rest assurred that total confidence is assured at all times and all parcels are sent out under plain packageing. We understand that for many people that receiving parcels at home may not be an option and nor is having parcels delivered to a work address or to a friend. There is an alternative in the form of a P.O Box from the Royal Mail or from Mail Boxes (MBE) who operate a chain of stores nationwide.

For those of you who want to follow us on Facebook you can now do so and many may also benefit from signing up to our monthly newsletters (see home page). we can also recommend this Flickr Group called 'Transgender Online' (owned by us), which is a forum for those who want to share information on wigs, make up and overall image or get online help and advice from other members.

Crossdressing in History

Some stories of cross dressing from the history books

Charles d'Eon Beaumont

The Story of Charles d'Eon de Beaumont

Make up advice

Make up advice on buying and applying cosmetics

Transgender information on buying Wigs

Advice buying wigs if you are transgendered 

Going out in public

Advice on overall image and going out in public