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For over twenty years of notoriety in the world of hair fashion, Noriko Suzuki continues to capture top billing as the worlds ultimate designer of ladies wigs. Her masterful sense of what is timely and feminine has made her line of ladies wigs the one every wig designer wishes to emulate and her creations the ones every loyal customer continues to desire. There is a reason why women follow Noriko's tradition of excellence. Whether it’s the overall quality of the wigs, their comfort or style, Noriko's unmistakable trademark keeps customers coming back time after time.


The range of Noriko ladies wigs taps into the essence of what is functional, fashionable and edgy and brings us a world of imaginative beauty in contemporary alternative hair design. The Noriko wigs are available in many beautiful and natural appealing styles and colours. All these fine wigs require very little styling or maintenance and hold their style well even after washing.


Most of the Noriko wigs are mainly available with standard wefted caps and many now come with a monofilament caps. These monofilament tops offer a greater versatility when styling. All the Noriko wigs, including the monofilament wigs, come in an array of natural colours and many in gradient colours giving so many more fabulous colour options. Noriko wigs are by far the most popular range of ladies wigs sold to women all over the world. With their exceptional quality it’s easy to see why.


All artwork, images and photography are the sole property of Noriko and may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise used without prior permission from Noriko.

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  1. Shown in Iced Mocha R

    Noriko Angelica


    Angelica from the Noriko Collection

    Angelica is a long with textured layers that fall to the mid back in this full 'flowy' design.

    Overall length: 26.4" (66cm). Fringe: 8" (20cm), Crown: 16.2" (40.5cm), Nape: 16" (40cm), Weight: 2.6oz (76g).

    Shown in colours Macadamia long rooted and Maple Sugar-R

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  2. Shown in Ice Mocha R

    Noriko Angelica PM


    Angelica PM from the Noriko Collection

    Beautiful flowing long style

    Textured layers

    Falls to mid back in length

    Part Monofilament top.

    Synthetic hair

    Average cap size

    Also available in a Machine Wefted cap.

     Fringe: 8.5" / 21.5cm

    Crown: 16.1" / 41cm

    Nape:  16.1" / 41cm

    Weight: 192g

    Shown in Khalua Burst

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  3. Shown in Coffee Latte R

    Noriko Avery


    Avery from the Noriko Collection

    The Avery wig has long layers that create soft, wavy curls that cascade below the shoulders. The fringe adds that extra touch to create this amazing look.

    Fringe: 4.25" (11cm), Crown: 11.75" (30cm), Nape: 15.25" (39cm) and weight: 5.8oz (162g)

    Shown in colours: Coffee Latte -R, Maple Sugar-R, Burnt Sienna-R, Chocolate Lava

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  4. Model wearing Berlin hairpiece in colour gold blonde

    Noriko Berlin


    Berlin from the Noriko Collection

    A 3/4 hair enhancer that is stylish and sophisticated.

    Fringe: 5.5" (14cm), Crown: 5" (11cm), Nape: 4.25" (11cm), Weight: 2.1oz (59g).

    Shown in colour Gold Blonde

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  5. Colour Shown: Razberry Ice R

    Noriko Billie


    BILLIE from the Noriko Collection

    An ultra modern style Billie gives you a lovely flattering look.  Billie is short with spiky layers to give great definition.

    It has the new feather-light wefted cap.

    Avergae Cap size.

    Fringe: 3.5" (14.5cm), Crown: 3.5" (21cm), Nape: 1.4" (15cm), Weight: 2.3 oz

    Shown in colour Razberry Ice R and Bubblegum R


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  6. Shown in Creamy Toffee R

    Noriko Blake


    BLAKE from the Noriko Collection

    The Purdy style is back in fashion!

    Blake is a modern take on this 70's iconic style.

    It has the new feather-light wefted cap.

    Avergae Cap size.

    Fringe: 3.7" (14.5cm), Crown: 6.3" (21cm), Nape: 1.4" (15cm), Weight: 2.6 oz

    Shown in colour Creamy Toffee R and Marble Brown R


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  7. Shown in Platinum Pearl

    Noriko Brady

    From: £186.00

    BRADY from the Noriko Collection

    If you are looking for a short flirty pixie style Brady is the one for you.

    It has trendy spikey layers in the crown and the fringe will frame your face and it features a machine wefted cap in an average size

    Fringe:   3.54" (9cm

    Crown:   3.14" (8cm)

    Nape:    1.57" (4cm)

    Weight: 63g

    Shown in colours: Platinum Pearl and Chocolate Frost-R


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  8. Colour Shown: Honey Wheat - R

    Noriko Carrie


    Carrie from the Noriko Collection

    Carrie has a balanced body that evokes a romantic quality sure to capture attention.

    Fringe: 7.0" (18cm), Crown: 10.5" (26.5cm), Nape: 7.5" (19cm), Weight: 5.0oz (142g).

    Shown in colours: Honey Wheat - R.

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  9. Colour Shown: Mochaccino-R

    Noriko Claire

    From: £114.50

    Claire from the Noriko Collection

    Claire is a layered collar length style with textured edges.

    Fringe: 5.6" (14cm), Crown: 8.4" (21cm), Nape: 6" (15cm), Weight: 3oz (85g).

    Shown in colour Mochachino-R



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  10. Colour Shown: Chestnut

    Noriko Cory


    Cory from the Noriko Collection

    Cory is is a classic Bob style with a textured fringe.

    Fringe: 3.2 " (8cm), Crown: 8.6" (21.5cm), Nape: 1.8" (4.5cm), Weight: 3.1oz (88g).

    Shown in colour Chestnut


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